Digital audio converter and amplifier controller

The AX5689 is an 8-channel audio amplifier controller IC with digital inputs and CMOS level PWM outputs. It enables high order digital control loops, with Post Filter Feedback.


  • 4x BTL/PBTL
  • 2x PBTL

General Features

  • 8-channel digital Class-D amplifier controller with digital inputs
  • 8 differential low-latency ADCs
  • 8 programmable digital control loop-filter slices
  • 8 CMOS level PWM outputs, configurable as
  • 4 BTL channels or combinations
  • Feedback loop possible after the output filter, across the loudspeaker nodes
  • Configurable interconnections between slices and ADCs for versatility and MIMO control
  • 2-WIRE and SPI Control interface with selectable address for multi-chip systems

Audio Input / Output:

  • I2S / TDM Serial Audio Interface with 16 downstream and 8 upstream channels
  • Input sample rate: 32 – 768 kHz
  • 16 to 32-bit supported audio formats
  • Volume control and soft mute
  • Dynamic loop control with programmable ramping enabling pop-free mode transitions

Performance with a typical output stage:

  • 115 dB dynamic range A-weighted (up to 124 dB with parallel ADCs)
  • 001% TH @ 10 / 4 Ω / 20 – 20 kHz


  • Streaming audio amplifiers solutions
  • TV Sound-bars, audio entertainment solutions
  • Active loudspeakers
  • High performance (buffered) DAC solutions
  • High resolution low-latency ADC solutions
  • Active noice reduction systems

Schematic Representation

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The request for better audio quality of home audio products is there. New home audio products are often connected to the internet. The audio path is dominantly digital, so it makes sense to stay in the digital domain towards the loudspeakers. This is exactly what Axign offers, a digital amplifier solution with balanced feedback from the loudspeaker.

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