Axign, established in 2014, is a fabless semiconductor company focussing on delivering unbeaten and breakthrough analogue/mixed signal technology and IC’s for audio amplifier systems. The foundation for this is our knowledge of control systems, algorithms and mixed signal design experience. We are also technology enthusiasts with strong links to Twente University and ‘Kennispark Twente’ in Enschede, The Netherlands. Most of our engineers have a degree in electronic engineering from Twente University. The management team consists of technology entrepreneurs having experience with the biggest players in the semiconductor industry and with major audio system manufacturers.




Our drive is to revolutionize the consumer audio market with our innovative digital audio amplifier controller. Its patented Digital Loop technology enables the ultimate audio performance. How? By comparing the signal at the loudspeaker terminal with the input signal and compensating all disturbances in the loop in real-time. Does that seem complicated? Well, we are the only ones who can. Moreover, it allows the whole audio system to become simpler, and thus cheaper.

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Commitment. That word best defines the nature of our collaborations. As a scale-up we always go the extra mile to convince our partners of the power of our solutions. We do so to claim our position in the global consumer audio market. For sure. But even more, because we strongly believe in the unique potential of our technology. Therefore, our application team is highly responsive, communicating fast and efficient. Working together with your R&D, our engineers share our extensive system knowledge to quickly realize the ultimate integrated design. The result? A beautiful, simple piece of technology that will be beneficial to all parties involved: you, Axign and consumers worldwide.

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At Axign we are always pushing boundaries. Back in 2014, we started with the vision of a revolutionary audio technology. One of our main objectives was to make our technology cost competitive. And with the right design, we did. Nowadays, we are pushing our boundaries again, looking for new opportunities with our digital audio amplifier controller; improving it, developing new versions and implementing our latest insights. At Axign, we are on a mission together. That positive energy has driven our company forward on the fast lane. As we are a group of audio and technology enthusiasts, our work is a source of joy and inspiration. That is why we give our engineers the freedom to be inventive and innovative.

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Axign has sales representatives and FAE support in the US, China, Japan, UK and The Netherlands.
Production locations in Taiwan and Singapore