Press Release Axign at CES 2023

Axign introduces Advanced Sound Processors and Power Stages for Class-D Audio Amplifier solutions

  • Lowest power consumption
  • Longer battery playing time
  • Cool and cost-competitive audio amplifier solutions
  • Award winning audio quality

Enschede, January 4, 2023, the post-filter feedback loop technology of Axign’s digital audio amplifier solutions enables the ultimate audio amplifier performance while setting new benchmarks on lowest power consumption levels.

The Axign Controllers (AX5688 and AX5689) are migrating into Axign Sound Processors (AX5690 and AX5691). These new chips will be able to run the most complex programmable algorithms to better control the dynamics of loudspeakers based on real-time post-filter voltage and current feedback. These new products support a wide operating range without critical external components, to reproduce the best audio quality, while saving energy.

Axign’s Evolution of Power Consumption Reduction

Power consumption reduction is one of Axign’s key focus areas. Idle losses are unwanted power losses, which produce heat or discharge the battery faster.
Due to Axign’s digital control loop and its post filter feedback, idle losses can be reduced up to 15 times compared to previous modulation schemes and solutions. High-power GaN and MOSFET-based audio amplifier solutions remain cool.

For output powers up to 60W in 4 Ohm BTL per channel, Axign will introduce its own (heatsinkless) two-channel power stages (AX1225 and AX1250), which are further optimized for lowest power consumption levels.

Axign’s target applications are battery-powered or mains-powered active speakers (BT speakers, soundbars and subwoofers) and streaming audio amplifiers.