Axign’s innovative route to CES 2024

At Axign we continuously improve the sound of innovation. This year we endeavor to further conquer the consumer audio market. Our program is filled with top-notch technological advances and enhancements, specifically developed to improve your audio applications. The current focus encompasses the reduction of power consumption while retaining the highest audio quality. We want you to accompany us during this journey through our brand-new innovation page.

Primary promises

We recognize the needs of the consumer audio market and the growing interests of the automotive industry. Where ‘sustainability’ and ‘being green’ are sometimes used as a sales mechanism, we truly act on it. Our most important announcements leading to CES 2024 are about saving energy. A hot topic, regarding the current state of the global energy challenges that we all face.

Power consumption reduction

The latest Axign’s Class-D Audio Amplifier solutions reaches the lowest power consumption at all output power levels. By significantly reducing LC output filter losses, we lower the heat in the application and lower the discharge rate of batteries. This maximizes the overall longevity of the battery and application while also increasing battery playtime, if applicable. Lowest power consumption in operating will always be a main objective in all our future products and technologies, to reduce the carbon footprint and relax the power grid.

Highest audio quality

We will always deliver audio chips with the highest audio quality, thanks to our post filter feedback and patented Digital Loop technology. As you would expect of us.


A new section called ‘Innovation’ will be added to our website. All updates on our launches and work are compiled here.  Our ‘Innovation’ page shows a timeline full of announcements, previews and details of our innovative products and technologies. The timeline continues to extend throughout the year, heading towards CES 2024.

Teasers, treats and technology

When the new webpage launches, many tiles are still greyed out. We use these mysterious tiles to sprinkle breadcrumbs, so to speak. Keeping you up-to-date and on edge for the next slice of information. On the timeline you will encounter different types of content:

  • Press releases
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Technological specifications of our innovations
  • And more…

As time passes, we continuously release data. Technological talk on how we test our audio chips or how certain techniques will reduce power consumption of your applications. Or a photo or video of our innovative products.

Reaching new heights

At this exact moment we are pushing our technological boundaries once again. While our Class-D Sound Processors have been announced, their test results are soon to be expected. The coming months are exciting. We will inform, inspire, and involve all of you to our best ability throughout this innovative year. Stay tuned for more products and technologies for the highest audio quality, lowest power consumption and cost-competitive audio solutions.