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Audio systems are currently designed for a specific product. Wouldn’t it be great that the entire audio system is adaptive so that it can be automatically optimized to create the best audio experience possible?

Personalizing the sound with a programmable amplifier controller

During recording sound is controlled by mixers and equalizers. At reproduction, a DSP is used to personalize the sound experience or to optimize cross-over frequency of loudspeakers. The loudspeaker, that ultimately produces the sound, is usually driven by an inflexible, non-adaptable amplifier. To overcome this inflexibility Axign developed a fully programmable amplifier controller to create the best sound experience.

AX5689 – Digital audio amplifier controller

AX5689 – Digital audio amplifier controller

The digital amplifier controller of Axign, AX5689, compares the signal at the loudspeaker terminal with the input signal. All disturbances in the loop, such as power supply ripple and non-linearity from the reconstruction filter are compensated real-time and suppressed thanks to the extraordinary high loop gain. The analog signal at the load is converted by a high performance low-latency feedback ADC. It combines a low-latency of several nano-seconds, for loop stability, with a high dynamic range up to 120dB for professional audio. With only the input stage of the ADC in the analog domain the AX5689 is highly digital and consequently has all the features like programmability, self-learning and robustness of digital signal processing. Due to the digital nature of the design it is nearly CMOS technology independent.


Key features AX5689

  • Digital inputs
  • Programmable amplifier transfer, determined by firmware (setting)
  • Feedback after Filter for transparent transfer and high suppression of nearly all disturbances
  • Additional ADCs and digital circuitry onboard to enable protections, current feedback, etc.


The Axign amplifier controller is fully digital which makes it insensitive for component tolerances.

This allows for high order loop filters, up to 7th order, to make a high open loop gain and steep filtering possible. Thanks to the ability to program the transfer function loop filter characteristics can easily be changed, for example noise shaping from 20kHz to 40kHz and vice-versa.


The signal at the load is directly converted into a digital bit stream.

This implies that the error signal, being input minus output, is digitally available. As a result, the feedback signal can be analyzed which provides information such as clipping or a short. Also an “open” can be detected based on the expected output noise level. It is even possible to detect unwanted signals such as possible oscillations. A DSP in the system can instantly change the loop filters based on this information.


The amplifier controller contains multiple high performance ADCs.

Next to voltage steering of a transducer, the current through the transducer can be measured. Also this information is available within a few nano-seconds and can be used for protection purposes or even to drive the transducer in current mode.


Feedback is taken at the load.

Therefore, all non-idealities such as distortion from the reconstruction filter or power supply disturbances, which is especially of interest for class-G/H systems, are strongly suppressed thanks to the high loop gain. If need, notches can be programmed at critical frequencies.

About Axign

Audiophile technology enthusiasts 

Axign, established in 2014, is a fabless semiconductor company focussing on delivering unbeaten and breakthrough analogue/mixed signal technology and IC’s for audio amplifier systems. The foundation for this is our knowledge of control systems, algorithms and mixed signal design experience. We are also technology enthusiasts with strong links to Twente University and ‘Kennispark Twente’ in Enschede. Most of our engineers have a degree in electronic engineering from Twente University. The management team consists of technology entrepreneurs having experience with the biggest players in the semiconductor industry and with major audio system manufacturers.


We are always looking at ways to push boundaries and tackle problems that seem impossible. It is this drive that has seen us push the technology at the heart of the digital feedback for audio systems and to realise its full potential. Our ambition is to create the best audio experience by providing solutions which are distinguished, adaptive and controlled.

We believe

  • Audio systems need to support the customer in getting the best audio experience, not just energy efficient or small in size
  • Our technology is to enable you to get to this best sound experience

Vacancies / Student Projects / General

As a start-up we are always on the lookout for new talent and often have specific openings to help us push boundaries and tackle problems that seem impossible. From low-latency ADCs and supreme control loop filters to embedded DSP cores, we really do cover the whole analog and digital domain.
Working on these highly innovative solutions you work with leading audio manufacturers all around the world. With us, you will be able to participate in developing the audio industry, have direct contacts with customers and a high degree of responsibility towards the development of new audio solutions.

We provide a dynamic, challenging and fun working environment, where there is support and encouragement for self-employment and personal growth.
If you think you are the ideal fit for any of the openings below, or believe you would be a perfect member of the Axign team then send us your application letter together with your résumé (CV).

If you have an engineering degree in analog IC design, digital design or work currently as a test or application engineer feel free to contact us.


Current vacancies: Product Marketing Manager


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