Breakthrough performance results with the AX5689 controller chip of Axign

April 2017:

The new AX5689 performance figures on system level are extremely good:

  • It has an audio frequency and loudspeaker independent behavior
  • The THD, IMD and Noise voltage levels are extremely low
  • The digital control loop is insensitive for ground or supply disturbances
  • Independent of used power stage


The listening experience is extremely good:

  • Transparent, detailed and open sound
  • Extreme control of the sound, especially with female vocals
  • Inaudible noise levels


The perfect silence and incredible sound. Audio under your control.


The AX5689:

  • Is a class-D audio amplifier controller chip in a QFN package
  • It has a digital control loop with feedback behind the output filter, across the loudspeaker terminals
  • It requires a digital input signal and suppresses all artefacts with a 5th order digital feedback loop
  • The Signal to Noise level on set level is >117 dB up to 124 dB, resulting in inaudible noise levels
  • The THD vs Frequency is flat at 0.001% (10W, 20Hz-20kHz)
  • One single AX5689 can drive 4 BTL channels
  • The output power is adjustable between a few Watts up to several kWatts
  • The AX5689 samples are available now


Note that the 3 lines are on top of each other. The THD+N is limited by the low N, even at 6kHz.


In combination with a high damping factor (the output impedance stays below 2mOhm within the audio band) and its load independent behavior, loudspeakers will produce their best possible sound.