Axign as a Green Tech Company

It is our aspiration to be a Green Tech Company, because our planet’s limits have been exceeded already. With our roadmap of innovation, we focus on the reduction of power consumption at all output power levels. By reducing the carbon footprint, saving energy, and prolonging audio application lifetime, we play our part in creating sustainable and innovative audio amplifier solutions.

Audio Amplifiers and Green Tech?

Green Tech is a trending topic in many industries, but how does it apply to the audio amplifier industry? Green Tech refers to technologies or processes that reduce or minimize environmental impact, particularly in reducing waste, pollution, or carbon emissions. In the audio amplifier market, there are several ways to establish yourself as a Green Tech company, such as:

  • Developing energy-efficient products and technologies
  • Stimulating product repair and recycling
  • Investing in renewable energy for operations

But how do we meet the requirements to be labelled a Green Tech company?

Carbon footprint reduction by Energy savings

At Axign we embrace Green Tech as a part of our innovative process. It changed the way we look at audio amplifier solutions. And it affects the environment both directly and indirectly. The reduction of power consumption in our products come with remarkable benefits for the environment, consumers, and the applications. These are results of our post filter feedback technologies that enables to lowering our carbon footprint.

  • Reduced power consumption: the amount of energy our products use in the most common operational conditions is significantly reduced, where other technologies or products maintain a higher power consumption under the same operational settings.
  • Extended product lifespan: our power-efficient audio amplifier technology extends the lifespan of audio applications. It puts less stress on components like the battery, amplifier, and processor. This reduces the need for replacement or repair. The power efficiency also extends the playtime of a battery.
  • Relaxing the power grid: the reduction of power consumption relieves stress on the power grid. Our products in your audio applications use less energy, so it reduces the demand for electricity in general. This reduction can help overcome peak usage periods, which is especially important for regions with an already overburdened power grid.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: By diminishing the energy usage of audio applications through our innovative technologies, less electricity is used. This lowers the carbon footprint in general.

An additional benefit of lower power losses at all output power levels is that the heat generated by the amplifier inside the cabinet is very limited and relaxes the thermal design.

Next generation on track

In the meantime, we are extremely busy with testing our new sound processor generation and are working on our next reveal. As a Green Tech company, Axign keeps focusing on developing technologies and solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of audio amplifier applications, while maintaining our excellent loudspeaker-impedance independent audio performance, due to our post filter feedback loops in the voltage and current domains. Keep looking at the horizon, and let our future innovations, stories and releases inspire and involve you.